REALLY upset

Relapse dragging on - double vision, can’t drive, can’t get to work … dexamethasone didn’t work … and neuron says no more steroids, just have to wait it out! How long for?! It’s already been six weeks! Sigh

oh love- is horrible when it just keeps dragging on doesnt it- ive just had a bad spell and am very thankful for mob scooter, good friends and family and home shopping. I like you am fed up to the back teeth with it, hope you feel better soon honey,

BC xx

With regards to work, not sure what area you are in??? but Access to Work can help with taxi's etc, if thats any help for you..... Take care.... I know what you mean, its such a frustrating illness....... its easy for these drs to say WAIT, let them live your life for a day...... I dont think so x G

Has the Neurotic given a reason for the decision on the 'roids



I’m a lab technician, so I don’t know if they’d even let me back with dodgy eyesight … will see about Access to Work if they say yes tho. Neuro said if dexamethasone didn’t work more steroids would be pointless, and more of a harm than a help. I suppose I see his point but still not happy!

I had optic neruis it took 3 months to return to normal, its horrible i know but hopefully things will go back to normal soon for you, xxx

Mine lasted 6 weeks and I wore an eye patch which helped. If it drags on for much longer you could try an eye patch, it worked for me. Did you know you can get many different styles, the black pirate one, the NHS pink ones and even pattered ones.  Hope you can return to work soon. x