Really fed up with waiting

I have had enough of waiting! I first saw my Neuro in May and had EPs, CT scan and LP in June and July. Did not get to see my Neuro again until mid October as she only works one day per week and had the whole of August off to be with her children (fair enough). So it was 5 months between 1st and 2nd appntmnt. At the last apptmnt she said she was pretty sure it was MS but to dot the i’s and cross the t’s she wanted me to see an MS specialist. I am not unhappy about seeing the specialist but I know I’m just going to sit around for weeks on end waiting for the apptmnt to come through! I just want closure. The Neuro feels pretty sure that I’ve got MS so I have resigned myself to it but I need to be told for sure! I want to start the rest of my life. I would love to scream out loud but once I did I don’t know if I would ever stop, Thanks for reading my rant. Tree65 xx

It’s so frustrating isn’t it!!

If it was the neuro’s who had to go through this frustration do you think they’d wait 5 months, then only to be fobbed off again!! I don’t think so, they’d want answers and so do we!!!

My neuro is driving me mad by telling me one thing… (MS is unlikely)… then writing in my notes a different story… (Possible MS, evidince of demylination, LP for diagnosis)… why didn’t he just tell me what hes writing!!! He’s good in other ways, if I write to him he writes back, I even emailed him the other day and emailed back the same day!!! There’s a shock. But still with no answers!!

That is all we want… to be told what is wrong with us. instead they fob us off and cause more axiety than needed!!

Have a scream it’ll make you feel better!

Take care

Julie xx

Thanks Julie I might do that! I feel like we are just a ‘case’ to the Neuros and they don’t seem to realise that we are hanging on to every word and not just us but our families too! This condition affects so many people not just the sufferer! Tree65 xx

Hi ya Tree

The fact that you’re being referred to an ms specialist is great - in terms of finally getting some answers. But to have to wait 5 months to be told that is disgraceful! I’m not surprised that you’re fed up.Feel free to rant - I’d be royally hacked off too

I’m with Jules - I’d get on to them & chase it up and I’d also contact my GP too. He/she may be able to speed the process up somewhat.

Good luck - I hope an appt with the specialist wings it’s way to you very quickly.

Debbie xx