Really confused?

Odd periods of numbness since 2014. Then the very hot weather a few weeks ago and a lot of work stress bought about lots of symptoms. MRI brain showed lesions and went private (no services in local hospital and five month wait.) got diagnosis of MS. A course of steroids just completed although symptoms seem to be building/getting stronger?

But, I met with the NHS neurologist today and he said that he wants to re-diagnose me because he forget to get my scan results from the sister hospital. Arrrgh. I was hoping for DMDs discussions. But he wants new MRIs etc.

Ten week wait for lumbar puncture and further scans.

He says that I should go back to GP for intermediate support while I am waiting.

Scared because symptoms seem to be accumulating. Lots of new symptoms. Am I having a relapse? How long can relapses last? Can relapses cause lots of things at the same time, going off and on/weak and stronger? E.g. Numbness in hands gets painful and returns to pins and needles. Face goes numb then stops. Legs go numb then hurting pins and then soldier ants are biting. Then feet went numb last night. Hands remain consistently numb. Is this a relapse? How best to stop it? If I can?

Patience x