Real friends equal real therapy

Hello everyone.

I don’t think I’ve quite mastered the technique of padding up but that’s only part of it. It’s very much on my mind when travelling.

Timing, consumption and precautionary visits are turning into true works of art. My latest journey if you wish to read it:

Best wishes, Steve

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Great thread.

When folks want to be your friends, because they know you are understanding & you choose to avoid them. They don’t like it & become what you know them to be. Fakes.

A genuine friend wont disappear when you’ve helped them, many times in the past.

They wont be jealous, you have a disability & can’t do things.

Attacking your choices, because you are creative & they have always been leaches.

Demanding you listen to this, because they think they know everything. When they are actually very dishonest.

Claiming they know where you were last night, because they followed you like a stalker. Wanting to know how you do anything, because they only learned how to tie laces & read one book, through peer pressure.

I have no peers. I’m going to drive to Mc Donnalds. Then I’m going to play with my synthesisers & loopers, spray some graffiti stencils. After I’ll watch some DVD’s & chat shit to real friends on the phone. With no agenda, because I can. Surf Ebay for some bits & stuff.

I don’t live in a jealous nation. Or do I?

Terry pictures.

Hi Steve

Shame about the weather, but it sounds like you all enjoyed yourself regardless, good for you.

Regarding stopping anywhere and having a quick pee…well you men have always had it easy! Not like that for females, which although I won’t go into in great deal, suffice to say I remember those stinging nettles only too well!

Have be a good weekend, take care

Pam x

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Wee k end of pee & poo. The Digestive system & a casket of whisky. Hoo arr.

I’m searching for adult nappies on Ebay now.