Re-purposing drugs.

Hi everyone, hope you are all not too bad today.

My MS Partner spotted this yesterday. Remember the off patents drugs bill that the Government scupperred? Well there could be good news on the horizon. It seems they did take notice and have come up with their own version.

Check this out and tell us all what you think.


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Good news! Thanks for posting Dave.

Pat xx

Hello, Dave.

This appears to be a rare moment of common sense from a government seemingly intent on punishing the weak and vulnerable. Quite calm in Sussex today. I actually went to the pub yesterday lunchtime. Thanks for posting.


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Interesting, thanks for posting this Dave.

Pam x

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Goodness! Could this be common sense from our government?

Thanks Dave!

Nina x

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Hope you’re all as well as possible.

Apparently, the bill was debated in Parliament on Friday - more details here: