Hi all…

can anyone tell me if they have had any problems with what looks like heat rash after a warmish bath or shower??

Just for the last couple of months after bath or shower my skin goes red and blotchy! !

I used to love hot baths, and a soak… but in and out as quick as a flash…

Ive suffered with prickly heat only when abroard on holiday for the last 10years or so I thought was dx with polymorphic light eruption… now get it here as soon as the suns out, within a couple of days so is my rash…

Do you think this is something I should mention to my nuro?.. dont think I mentioned it in my initial appointment…


V x

Hi Vicki,

Yes tell him as it could be the best indicator to a diagnosis or if you have been diagnosed a misdiagnosis. See http://www.hughes-syndrome.org/ as symptoms do mimic MS.

Especially http://www.hughes-syndrome.org/about-hughes-syndrome/skin.php#.UswCndJdXmc

Catch it quickly and you could get a complete cure.


Thanks G

Will mention to my nuro when I have my follow up appointment.

Thanks for the link…

Vickie x