Quick PIP Question

Hi all,

Quick question, I have just completed the 1st stage of my PIP application (telephone call), but after further reading and research through forums and Websites I think I will have my application declined as I can still move about without aid (albeit with a lot of pain).

My question is, if I was to be denied for this application am I allowed to reapply in a few years time if my situation worsens without being impacted by having a ‘previously declined’ mark on my records?



no, that will have nothing to do with it that you can walk, its the distance!! & yes you can appeal if you get turned down

juju read some moor stuff,as much as you can,

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Yes, if you are refused PIP on this application but in the future (even 3 months later) if your physical condition changes, you can reapply. Obviously you would qualify only from the date of your new application. But in the meantime, if you are refused, you can appeal as juju said. Have a look at http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ for more information about claiming PIP. There is some info available free on there, but imo, it’s worth joining if you’re making a claim. Their guidance is up to date and correct