PIP.....apply now or to wait ?

Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful bright day here, cloudless blue sky that has put a smile on my face. Hope the weather is similar for most of you too. I know PIP is very new but I’m getting conflicting information as I’ve been told wait three months from dx, to apply now due to difficulties I have and length of time they’ve been present. Thanks to the forum I’ve registered with Work and Benefits which has excellent info. It’s also been suggested that I should " blind them with medical science " but I wondered if I should keep that up my sleeve incase I have to appeal? Enjoy the weekend and hope the sun keeps shining for a while. Judith x

Judith I’d send them all relevant info when you apply. That way there’s less chance of you having to appeal. That’s a really stressful and long winded process, believe me, I’ve done it, not because I left out information but because I didn’t have enough proof at the time. Just answer all questions honestly but as if you’re having a bad day (I usually fill them in on a bad day as everything seems easier looking back) and answer them fully, explaining why things are difficult. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself over and over.

That’s the advice my union gave me when I had to appeal. And whatever you send them make sure you keep a copy. If you’re sending medical letters send them the copy and keep the original, they can write to the doctors for further proof if they need to. It’s a huge help to keep a copy in case it gets lost or you have to complete them again or clarify a statement. I often write notes on my copy if I read it back and am unsure how well it makes sense, especially when my brain is on strike.

The sooner you claim, the sooner you’ll get paid from as they’ll backdate it from first application. Good luck and don’t give in at the first knock back. If you’ve read the criteria and know you have a claim keep at it. I’m sure they have a policy of refusing first applications. If you have any critical illness insurance policies, they should pay out too. But that really is a war not a fight, I know mine was, taking ten months.

Cath xx

Hi Judith, Cath’s given you some good advice.

The best advice I can give is to join a website called ‘Benefits and Work’.

It costs around £20 to join for the year but is SO worth it. It is run by lawyers who are benefits experts and once you are a member you can download step-by-step guides to applying for any benefit.

Follow the guide and you can’t go wrong. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Lovely and sunny in London,

Have a good Sunday,

Pat x

Thanks Min and I always copy everything as well, inorder to provide a safety net for…lost in the post…the computers are down type of excuses that happen. Too many years working for the NHS has turned me cynical .

I meant I joined.’ Benefits and Work ’ Pat rather than Work and Benefits !! You’re right they break it down in a manner which makes the process seem slightly less daunting.

I think I’ve just become confused by well meaning people giving me advice.Hubby sees it wont be a problem and to just apply without realising it’s not always as simple as that, however he means well bless him.

I will be visiting a MS therapy centre next week and I believe they can provide support also.

Lesson learnt is to avoid confusion by coming to the forum first !

Thanks again, Judith x

Good luck with it Judith… and with MS therapy centre… yes they can provide support with it as can MS nurse. But you are right, it can become confusing if too many people giving advice. Try not to let it overwhelm you.

Pat x

Good luck Judith. We’ve all been new to this and know how hard it is. There’s so much to do, people to notify etc. This forum has been a godsend for me as no-one even told me to let DVLA know, I’d been driving with a spinal cord injury, on morphine before diagnosis without informing them. If I’d had an accident they’d have thrown the book at me.

As you mentioned though people think they’re being helpful giving you different information and it does become confusing and stressful. I wish you good luck and please let us know if we can help at all. Your Neuro and nurse and of course charity can be a huge help too.

Take care, Cath xx