Question regarding BG12 (Tecfidera)

I am an RRMS patient and am due to go on BG12 when it become available in England. My MS nurse tells me the decision should be made on it in August and patients should be able to start the tablets in September. My MS nurse has said I will need to attend a clinic soon regarding this and this will involve things like organising blood tests, possibly other tests so I am ready to start the tablets .

I just wondered this is a question for Scottish patients who are on BG12 already were you required to have an MRI scan before starting? I expect not but just thought I would ask thats all. I would be interested to see what my current lesion state is before starting the tablets. I had a relapse last week.

I now lesions can change even on a daily basis.


Hi, i’ve no answers but wanted to bump your question fo ryou to get some answers, because I am interested in this too?

Hi I’m in Scotland and been on tecfidera for 4 weeks now…I did have an MRI just before I started them but have had a couple of relapses on avonex so think neuro wanted to check progression and had a blood test before I started but nothing else…think you have your bloods checked every 6 months while on it. As far as side effects goes so far so good…I get flushing but not every time and a runny nose but this is very common apparantly. Good luck with it when you get started better than doing jabs. Emma x

All you need before starting is a blood test. Afterwards, my neuro wants additional blood test every 3 mths.