Question for the day

Not sure where to post this but I know the people on this forum will give me the answer I desire.

After many phone calls about my next appointment - to tell me that `Yes’ it is MS and the lumber puncture results are finally in and concur with the MRI results - six weeks and counting. I have been marked ‘URGENT’ and my appointment date is January 9th!!

I cant claim critical illness, go back to work or drive again until this date - So I bit the bullet and arranged a private consultation (£250 for 40 minutes - nice work if you can get it!)

The date was Wednesday 31st October at 6.50,

So my question to you all is…

What Halloween costume should I wear???

Dr A

doctor arkhenstein - the rocky horror version

your date can go as Magenta

Image result for The Joker Jack Nicholson Photos

Well, it is a joke !

It’s worth a question to your hospital isn’t it? Do they actually understand what the word ‘urgent’ means?

Bloody silly (them, not you!)

Welcome to the club! No none of us wanted to join, but it’s not exactly as if you can reply to the invitation with, ‘sorry, I’m busy having a life!’


Definitely put a fake hand/arm up your sleeve so it comes away in the neurologist’s hand.

Thanks everyone. The £0.50 postal order goes to Harebell whose comment actually made me LOL !

Perhaps you should take a Urine sample (actually apple juice) drink it having stated “I will run it through again”

Mick (who should know better)

Good luck