Query about Gilenya.

Evening to you all. I am looking for advice regarding Gilenya. I have been on 5 different treatments since 2007. Latest one is Teriflunomide which i have been on for 17 months but i have developed 3 new areas of inflammation in my brain so the Neuro has advised that i stop this treatment and i have the choice of Gilenya or Alemtuzumab. My query is does anyone have a heart issue and take Gilenya and is fine on this treatment. I have a heart murmur and a slow pulse rate. My resting pulse rate is between 45-54 beats per minute. Thank you xxx

I have just started on Gilenya, so just been through all the screening. I was asked about heart issues (amongst a very long list of other possible health problems). I got the impression that heart problems mean you can’t have Gilenya. I could be wrong - you could get in touch with the MS nurse or whoever else does the screening for Gilenya at your hospital and ask them.