Pus and Poison

I don’t know if anyone watched Dr Moseley’s explanation about venoms on last night’s Horizon called ‘Pus and Poison’s’;

Sort of explains WHY I’ve stupidly gone against recognized medicine; made my own mind up what’s good for my body and taken fractions of diluted Snake Venom for 32 years.

I only hope the time has come to realise that everything even water believe it or not is Toxic; it’s just the amount. The most Toxic substance known to man is Botox; a spoonful could kill the population of the Earth; but some use it to get rid of wrinkles.


hi george

i’ll watch that tomorrow because it will be interesting.

i have heard of people dying from drinking too much water but with my over active bladder it wouldn’t stay in long enough to kill me.

as for botox i might try it for that pesky bladder of mine when i’m a bit further down the line.

carole x