Pub + bus + wheelchair in the dark!!!!!

I’ve been reading the thread about fantastic feats in a wheelchair – this is not one of them! I am posting about a different kind of wheelchair activity.

Last night I went to the pub! I went to the pub, on the bus, in the dark !!! It’s ludicrous how daring that makes me. If I was an able bodied person telling you that I went to the pub on a bus – well, lets face it I wouldn’t be telling you. I’m mentioning it now to help all those people who put “end up” and “wheelchair” in the same sentence.

I was invited to a number of things over Christmas that I couldn’t go to because the venues were not accessible but two different groups have rung me to say that their next meet ups are in fully accessible restaurants so it looks like I have more outings in the “real world” coming up.

Keep the faith people a wheelchair is not the end of life.


Absolutely Jane!

I am often found here extolling the virtues of our wheelies! Without mine I wouldn`t even be out of bed.

I love my wheelchair…it enables me to go to places I wouldn`t otherwise be able to go.

I use to use a scooter, but find it even better in a wheelchair…it fits in restaurants and other places better.

I know many of our friends here dread the thought of taking the next step (no pun intended) to a wheelie, but please take mine and Jane`s experience as good ones.

have wheels will travel!!

luv Pollx


Wb x