Prucalopride (Resolor) constipation

Has anyone taken this and how did you get on? And what time of day do you take it? I was prescribed a month’s worth by a gastroenterologist. I have also been taking Laxido, Fybogel and daily Dulcolax (as per the same consultant) but none of them work 100%, so he suggested trying the Prucalopride and possibly reducing the other stuff, depending on how well it works.

Apparently it takes up to a month to work. I’ve just started on week 3, and it hasn’t made much difference (and still taking other stuff). It’s also affecting my sleep I think. I take Prozac and have been for years. Have looked online to see if there’s anything about a clash, but there isn’t.

I’d like to hear from anyone else on this drug.


ask your pharmacist.

they know a great deal about the medications they dispense.