hi all,

i’ve just been dx and the reason i went to the doctors in the first place was because i was starting to feel dizzy all the time.

he sent me to the nuero etc etc until my diagnosis, ppms

my sympioms are progressing quite rapidly at the moment, my tremmor has gone to my legs now and when they shake, they shake!

my dizzyness or vertigo is getting worse by the day so am very unstable on my feet and only have a range of 50-100m with a stick.

i’ve heard about ‘disease modifying drugs’ but i know nothing about them, the only thing i do know is i’ve not been offered any and the 1 drug i have asked for (LDN) i can’t have because it’s not licenced!! are trhere any for people with ppms?

can anyone fill in some blanks for me?



According to the Department of Health there is nothing to stop a GP prescribing ldn on the NHS, if they consider it is in the best interest of the patient. If this route fails then it is easily available privately and relatively inexpensive.

Send Linda Elsegood a mail at and she will advise your best options.