Professor Giovanonni’s MS -Selfies

I’ve posted a few links to Prof G’s Selfies before now. I think all of the Selfies that I’ve read have been massively informative and useful.

The Selfie site and newsletters are designed to inform people, particularly the newly diagnosed, about their MS and what they need to know in order to manage their MS. It especially concentrates on disease modifying therapies which is why I’ve posted on the Newly Diagnosed section of our forum.

Individuals can subscribe to the newsletter for free, this means as Prof G posts a new Selfie you’ll get it in your email Inbox.

Otherwise you can just bookmark the site and access it as you like.

Professor G is a brilliant, world beating specialist in MS. He is responsible for the ‘Barts Blog’ (New to this blog? – The MS-Blog ) which tends to be more academic and sometimes more complicated to read.

The Selfies on the other hand, are written with us in mind, so are an easier read: MS-Selfie

I recommend them both.



Agree, Sue. It’s a great resource.