Interesting video by Professor G - Barts Blog

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Hello Sue

Could not hear the Professor.

Was he talking about a cure for MS or is it me living in hope


Hi Bertie

Sadly no, he was talking about the positives and negatives about Covid19 and MS. The sound was pretty low, so I had to turn the sound right up (and tell Mr Ssssue off for rustling a piece of paper!).

Prof G was seeing some positives in practices that have had to be used for the current situation, but also negatives in terms of some treatments (notably Cladribine and Lemtrada) and funding especially for research and trials.

Try looking through to see if you can get any better sound on the video and/or some other information about GGs musings on M and Covid.


Thanks for the reply I will keep hoping, time for a G&T to cheer me up before my Moussaka smells really good can`t wait.

Happy Bertie

Thank you for posting this. I have been to a couple of webinars hosted by Professor G and he is always so interesting and down to earth. Do you know how I can subscribe to his blogs as he mentioned another one next Friday?