Prof G's MS-Selfie Newsletter

This is really interesting: MS-Selfie | Gavin Giovannoni | Substack

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Nice one Sue
Looks like a lot of useful info, I will need to read this in small chunks to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Thanks for the link Sue.

Interestingly when i had bloods done by Breakspeare clinic it showed i had cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr and both had been reactivated or whatever they call it. This was before i was told i had PPMS. my titer for EBV was >95 my doctor said at the time as it was old virus (latent i suppose she meant) it should have been <5.

She told me at the time something was sure stirring my immune system up. i never understood any of it lol. Dr Munroe of BC gave me a differential diagnsosis of MS and co infection of lymes. My GP got the report and did nothing about it.