Problems with FES


I have used an FES on my left leg for 5 years with no problems at all Wouldn’t be without it.

Recently I have developed foot drop in my right leg and was given the dual FES. I persevered with this for a couple of months but found the wires too much to deal with and didn’t like the fact that the dials didn’t “lock” when you got the right level of stimulation.

I have now gone back to the single box and have one for each leg. Great you think! The other day the right one just stopped working, speaking to the gait lab, they have sent me a new box but the stimulation seems so slight even when it is nearly at it’s highest. Is this a problem with another box, or the nerve in my leg?

Has anyone else experienced this?

These are the obvious checks, although you have probably done them already, but just in case.

The staff at Odstock are very knowledgable and probably worth sending them a mail, if all else fails.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I have tried everything, new foot switches, new leads, new batteries. That is why I wondered if it is just down to my leg “giving up the ghost”. I will email Odstock and see what they say. Thanks for trying