Dual FES

Hi all,

anybody have any experience of FES fitted to both legs? I have it fitted one leg, but my other foot is also dropping significantly now. I usually wear a foot up on this but i feel i need something a bit better.

Must admit the people in Sheffield did offer me the dual one but the battery pack was massive and looked inpractical. Is there anything else out there?


Hi Mark.

Have you tried an Email to, Odstock, in Salisbury, to ask this question, I know they are not the most helpful of organisations, but maybe worth a try.


Take Care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Hi mark, I have a fes that does both legs, operated from one foot switch, it is a bit fiddly with a lot of cables, but for me, well worth it. Is this what you mean cos I’m not sure what you mean about the battery pack cos to me it doesn’t seem that big, just clip the box onto my belt and it is fine. I did get it from Salisbury. Cheryl:)