Problems breathing?

As well as PPMS I also suffer from allergic rhinitus which gives me year round hayfever/cold symptoms I have a constant runny nose forcing me to spend a fortune on tissues.

I produce excess saliva and have lately had to suck the extra saliva back so that I can take a breath in, this is something that the sound of really annoys my mum and xshe keeps asking me to stop or she sometimes just leaves the room to get away from me.

I was just wondering if this is something that might be linked to my progressive MS symtoms and will only get worse with no cure

I’m not sure if linked to PPMS or not Jon… but I do know there is a drug that stops excessive saliva. Might be worth asking GP and give it a try?

I think your dear mama could be a bit more tactful!

Any more news on getting your own place?

Pat x

It IS an MS symptom. Take a look at this:

Pat x

Thanks Pat yeah I thought it must be linked and my mum has always had a hard time dealing with things she seems to think she is worse off than anybody else even the blind war vetrans I have lunch with have gotta better attitude towards life than my mum. In fact all the other disabled people I have worked with have had a better attitude than my mum I just don’t kno where I came from because I am not like my mum or brother in the slightest

I have still not had any positve news about getting my own place and am desperate to move away from this incredably stressfull and upsetting enviroment