Probably old news but my turtle has been poorly

link not working. i’m worried about your turtle!

Well bugger. It just opened up fine via fb…

how would i find it on facebook?

hope your turtle is a bit better

Its on the page ‘I was born in the 1990’s’ on Facebook. Supposed cute for m.s…

My turtle is on the mend slowly…

i only found one about a high school teacher who fed a live puppy to a turtle. (nasty)

one about loggerhead turtles and one about teenage mutant ninja turtles.

which one is yours?

Fed a live puppy to a turtle ? Wtf? Thought they only ate lettuce and pizza ! Cannibal turtles ? At least you could run from them…it’d be the slowest chase ever! I think you’re concentrating on the wrong part of the post…it was more about an m.s. cure, less about turtles. Though they are partial to skateboards. Quicker to get around, they have their own protection. Maybe the flesh eating ones will be on them ?