Probably mixed pathology

Here are latest neuro comments, in writing:

After… ‘a ten year history of a slowly progressive asymmetric paraparesis… MRI scans in 2011 and 2017 show confluent changes in the cerebral white matter, however, there are a number of round periventricular lesions, juxtacortical lesions and a subtle spinal lesion not well seen on the most recent scan…’

As that meant very little to me, I googled a few words and found a very illustrative diagram… PubMed Central Image Viewer.

Well, that wasn’t much better except that my MRIs show confluent changes in white matter, and MS, in that diagram, appears under ‘multifocal’…???

But there is further info in this article concerning grey matter, but I can’t quite get my head around it yet…

Any comments, pleeeeeeease…!!!


Aw Anne

It’s so hard to understand the gobbledygook that comes with an MRI report. I can’t help at all. You could try looking at the Beginners Guide in the ‘stickies’ at the top of the Newly Diagnosed forum. Or take the letter to your GP and see if s/he can wok it out. Otherwise, you should be given a debrief from the neurologist.

If you don’t have an appointment due and can’t get any light shed on the report otherwise, I’d write to the neurologist who ordered the MRI, asking what it means in understandable English.