Private Messaging not working properly

This one is for Admin really, but I know I’m not the only user today to have the same problem, because others have mentioned it.

If I try to PM another user from their post, I can’t do it, and am getting diverted to the web page about e-cards.

Yep, thanks for the not-so-subtle hint, MSS, but I don’t really want to send 'em a Christmas card, just an ordinary PM.

The only way to do it is to click on the user’s profile, and then send them a PM from there.

Could this be fixed please?


Seems this problem is now fixed. Have sent a PM from the thread :slight_smile:


Yep, can confirm it’s taking me to the right page now - not some thing about Christmas cards!

Thanks - and to whoever fixed it - assuming somebody did.


Hi T, have pmd you from here to check its working properly.

Then I see it`s already fixed!

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, no probs. I think it was only a brief glitch, as pretty sure it worked for me in the past, too. Then all of a sudden, I tried to send one yesterday, and found myself looking at MSS Christmas cards, instead of the PM form! Thought: “Oh, great - another lovely MS thing! I’m losing the plot, now, as well.” So CAREFULLY went back and tried again - straight back to Christmas cards again. OK, not me - button really was sending me to Christmas cards. Then I remembered someone earlier in the day had said they couldn’t PM me, which was odd. Realised other folks must have got diverted to Christmas cards, too. All seems OK again now. T. x

Aha, could this be a way of shifting some unsold chrissie cards?

luv Pollx