I'm stuck! - PM help please. (alison 100)

Could Greg or someone please help. I have a PM to another member sitting in my outbox but I don’t know what to do to send it. I thought I had sent it, but it seems firmly stuck in outbox and I can’t see what to press to get it to shift. I tried to PM Greg to ask directly, but it soon dawned on me that, if I could PM Greg (I couldn’t) I could PM anyone! Thanks Alison

Alison, Dunno if you mean one to me, or another one. :wink: If it was to me, don’t worry, I’ve got it! They stay in outbox until the recipent has read it! So if you’ve got one still lurking (not to me), it just means they haven’t picked it up yet. Confusing, but potentially useful, as you can tell if someone really is ignoring you, or just hasn’t seen it yet. :wink: T. x

Ah - thanks, Tina. If there’s something still stuck in the outbox of my e:mail or mobile when I’ve pressed ‘send’, that means that sending has failed and I have to fanny around resending etc. I had assumed that this worked the same way. All clear now. A x