Private and NHS question

If I were to go private and receive a diagnosis would the NHS then give the treatment or do you have to go through the whole thing with the NHS to get treatment? Thanks,

I think you’d probably have to be diagnosed by the NHS in order to be eligible for NHS drug treatment. It’s possible that you could see a neurologist privately, have tests done privately and get copies of for example MRI scans on disc. But the most expensive thing about private medical treatment is not seeing a specialist, it’s the tests. So to see a private neurologist and have the tests likely to be needed for an MS diagnosis (assuming the doctor considered them necessary), you’d be spending probably in excess of £1000 - maybe a lot more - and then still have to see an NHS neurologist and maybe repeat some or all of the tests. Sue


I had all my test done privatley, and had to be refered to NHS for the drugs and they did all the tests again ! even though it was the same consultant !!

I told them that It was a total waste of money…fell on deaf ears

I saw the neuro privately and he referred me back to nhs for scans etc. I saw him over 16 years privately and on the NHS. it was great as I felt without that i would never have gotten there in the end lol. but they just have a system where they can refer you back providing they are working in the NHS in the neurological clinical is how i see it. IF it was a private clinic with no connection then you would have to go back again. If that makes sense. check if your neuro has a private clinic mine worked in a hospital a bupa one, and the royal hospital.