Private V's NHS

Hi Everybody,

I got my letter for my first consultant appointment on 23rd June. My Dad have very kindly offered to pay for me to go private for my consultations and tests. I understand I am very lucky to be in the position to be offered private care but I would like to know anyone elses experiences of private V’s nhs treatment. If I go private for a diagnosis can I take that diagnosis to an nhs gp and ms nurse or do I have to stay private and can I be referred to an nhs consultant by a private consultant? Not really sure how it all works, but I do know that a 7 week wait for a first consultation is going to drive me batty!!!

Any advice would be brilliant


Saz x

Hi Saz

I went private the very first time - had a really thorough examination, and the consultant referred me to himself at the nearby NHS hospital. Been NHS ever since.


My husband had private health insurance at work and i was covered as well.

I obviously didn’t have to pay for my tests though.

I had an initial consultation. Then sent for mri/evoked potential tests and then a lumber puncture.

Even though it was private - there was a gap of a couple of weeks between each test…

I got a diagnosis pretty quickly after that and was then sent back onto the NHS. My private care ended here.

I then went to the nearest hospital with ms services. I was given access to an ms nurse and discussed my symptoms. I also saw the nhs neuro.

If they can help you with symptoms you will be helped with these. I was refered to a physiotherapist as i had severe balance problems.

I had to wait a few weeks but then got an appointment to go to discuss dmd’s. A few weeks after this i started on the dmd.

I now see a neuro once a year like everyone else and can call my ms nurse between appointment if i need any help.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your advice, its great to be able to get so much from people who have been where I am!!

I had a phone call from my nhs neuro’s PA this morning and thanks to the amazing persuasive abilities of my wonderful GP, I am being admitted into hospital next Tuesday for all tests doing over 4 days. I live a plane ride away from my nearest hospital hence the admission!! So im hoping to know a lot more by this time next week!

Thanks again


Good luck. I hope the tests give you some answers.


Thanks Teresa,

Hoping to be able to come home after and have some answers for my husband and children

Saz x