Gone private

After months of waiting to see a Nero
I decided I need to pay and go private been off work now for 9 weeks and can’t afford to stay at home . See my Nero today and was told I have gone from possible m s to properly m s . The only good thing is he
Has brought all my test forward on the nhs and my appointment. But so angry it takes that you have to pay to get some where. I’m lucky to have a good support and help financially but surely it
Should not be like this I feel totally let down by the nhs service and the fact that they keep people waiting for so long


How easy is it to get back into the nhs if you go private? And can they access all the scans and tests done on the nhs? Or do you have to go through them all again. I am tempted to speed things up as the whole process is taking sooooo long. Yesterday I felt like chucking the whole thing in as it's not great for stress, lol.


Tell me about it!!!

I've been off work 7 weeks this time and all the 'rest' in the world has made no difference! I've been struggling for the last few years and have been telling myself the whole time that I'll be better month. I've been seeing different doctors and having different tests showing different abnormalities but nothing specific so nothing diagnosed and therefore nothing treated.

In November when the haemotologist, spinal consultant and an an optician said they thought it could be demyelating disease and I was 'urgently' referred to a neurologist I thought 'at last! everything now makes sense!!! I will find out what it is and get treated for it!!"

Yes - that was November and if I hadn't begged and pleaded and performed yesterday I would still be waiting until July!!!! If I could have afforded it I could have been seen by the same neuro in February but no - I trusted the NHS and had no idea I'd be left this long and feeling this ill x

I do not want to lose a career that I have worked so hard to build up x the government are so keen to get  people back to work - yet there is no urgency to support those of us who are in work and become ill x If I lose my job we lose our home - simple!! It's just not good enough - we have to work for goodness sake!!! I just cannot afford to lose my job x 

I so wish I'd taken out private health insurance but I'm like lots of others who never think something like this could happen to them and think that even if it did, the good old NHS system would efficiently kick in and get them back up & running and functioning in no time!!

I'm so flipping disillusioned! xxxxxjenxxxxx

I can only relate what happened to me, which may not be universal, but for me it was dead easy. I even have the same consultant I’d already seen privately - and who diagnosed me. He simply referred me to himself! I don’t know whether they ever physically transferred the scans and test results (might be some data protection issues there, as well as some technology mismatches), but the fact I have the same chap overseeing it all means, inevitably, he is in the picture about what happened.

It is now illegal (I can’t remember which act) for NHS Trusts to place obstacles in the way of someone returning to the fold, purely because they had at some time gone private.

There used to be this stupid system where people were afraid to go private, because the NHS was insisting it had to be all or nothing: that you had to have something wholly dealt with privately, or wholly on the NHS. That is no longer true, and you can mix and match as you please. Even if some in the NHS take a dim view, they’re no longer able to punish you for doing it. But as far as NHS neurologists go, most work in private practice too, so they’re hardly going to condemn a patient for having first seen them privately.


Glad you’ve had some resolution, but commiserations on the diagnosis too. Even when we expect it, it sucks

I completely agree with you about how poor the NHS are at getting some things done in a decent time. To be fair, it’s often incredible when there’s an emergency, but no one includes going out of your mind with worry because you don’t know wtf’s wrong with you in that

Karen x

I went private when my symptoms started - it was the only way to get seen in a reasonable period of time.
The consultant moved me back into the NHS (using the method Anitra mentioned) for an LP, and just kept me there. He has since moved on, but I have stayed with the same hospital, the new Neurology team, MS Nurses etc.

Keep one thing in mind - if you pay for an MRI privately, you should get a copy of the scan results. These can be shown to an NHS consultant. I still have mine (and one of the “old” neurology team showed me where the lesion was in my spine.


Hi, when I first saw my GP about mobility problems, she said i needed to see a neuro. This was way back in 1999. there was a 10 month waiting list, so I went private and saw the same doc the following week.

his examination took an hour. He said he wanted an MRI and LP.

He said to get these done on NHS. I did that and then went NHS after that.

I was treated badly by the NHS nurses, who once they knew I had initially gone private. i was left in the waiting room and `forgotten`. They hadn`t registered me as waiting to see the consultant. it was going on for tea time, when I was eventually seen, some hours later.

So if you switch from private to NHS, I hope your are treated better than i was.

luv Pollx