Previous MRI results - Anyone had similar?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the MS site and just want to ask about a previous MRI of my brain that I had several years ago when I was being investigated for a severe right-sided headache.

The initial CT scan said that I may have a meningioma - I had been referred to a neurologist but the waiting list was quite lengthy so my GP had ordered the CT as an interim measure. When it came back with the meningioma query, I was seen quite quickly but the neurologist was quite flippant about it all and said that even if I did have one, there wasn’t anything that could be done especially as my symptoms were only mild - episodes of tingling in my arms, balance issues etc. but the headaches were the main issue.

Anyway, he suggested an MRI which I had in December 2012

When I hadn’t had the results after two months, then three, my GP complained to the hospital - apparently, they had been watching and waiting as the MRI had shown that I had intense calcification, but no evidence of a meningioma.

As my headaches had subsided and so had the tingling etc., my GP & myself decided to see how things went.

Over the last few years, I have had episodes of the same thing apart from the headaches.

I’m currently off work due to severe fatigue, loss of strength in my arms & hands, in particular fine motor skills. Pain in my legs that has reduced my mobility, tingling in my hands and feet, sometimes in my pelvic area too, creeping sensations in my scalp and other symptoms including bladder and bowel issues. My memory/mental functions are really altered too. And whenever I’m walking with someone, I notice myself knocking into them all the time as though I’m drunk.

My GP (a different one) is convinced that I have fibromyalgia and I am currently under the rheumatologist. However, she thinks it is more neurological but has referred me for tests. I am now considering referring myself to a neurologist as the waiting list is so long.

Has anyone ever been told that an MRI of their brain has shown intense calcification? I’ve never really understood what this meant.

I look forward to hearing if anyone has had a similar scan result. Many thanks

Hiya, Have a look at this mimics MS symptoms, migraines can be constant then disappear till later in life. Causes lesions similar to MS but can be controlled with simple drugs like Aspirin. George

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