pregnant, symptoms either gone or have vastly decreased

Confused… No I do not have a diagnosis of Ms. I was very very ill last year and over last 8 years my symptoms have been both progressive and progressively getting worse. Saw a neuro who said functional neurological disorder. Im 28 weeks pregnant. I’ve noticed particularly in last 3 months, my symptoms have either gone or have decreased substantially and now I’m confused. I still get a 'funny head ’ but its less severe, pins and needles have decreased. I still have other conditions such as fibro so pain still there and so on. But I disagree with the fnd. I barely remember much of last year and particularly the hot months of summer nigh on killed me. I’m still having problems with heat now. I’m not sure why, but if I get too hot all my symptoms rush back and I start to feel how I did last year. I’m very confused. Fnd and fibto apparently should get worse with pregnancy but I’m getting better and now I’m questioning myself. I could have swore last year it was ms but now I’m thinking am I talking rubbish. Id really appreciate some advice please. Am I just going mad? X

hi lizze

pregnancy is known to have a beneficial effect on ms although this is usually followed by a relapse about 3 months after the birth.

whether you have ms or not, enjoy the reduction of symptoms and relax.

babies know if mum is stressed. a relaxed mum leads to a relaxed baby.

it’s a lovely stage to be at. talk to your bump - it can hear you.

i used to have long meaningful conversations with the mountain rising from my bath water!

enjoy your pregnancy and best wishes for a relatively pain free birth.

carole x