Pregnant on gilenya

Hi, I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant. We’re really excited, just got married and this is the final piece to our puzzle. However, we’re scared. I’ve been on gilenya and fallen pregnant whilst it was still in my system. Has anyone else got experience of falling pregnant whilst on a dmt, other than copaxone ( as they told me that’s relatively safe )? Cheers X

Hi Anon,

I don’t have experience of what you are worried about but I am a Gilenya user. You should contact your neuro or ms nurse immediately about your concerns.

It must have happened to lots of ladies - we all know that unplanned pregnancies happen.

Best of luck


I wasnt on medication before i got pregnant but as long as u stopped taking early in pregnancy ul be ok it can probably only cause problems if u carry on late into pregnancy i was allowed to stay om prochloreparazine until 28 weeks pregnant i know its not the same but u know women that were getting drunk often early in pregnancy not knowing they were pregnant but as they stopped their babies were all fine x

I started Gilenya in November and was warned against becoming pregnant while on it.

According to the nurse the lab tests done on rats showed fetal abnormalities so obviously it hasn’t been tested in that manner on humans. I don’t know if there has ever actually been a case of fetal abnormality in humans caused by Gilenya but I think you should try and get an early scan to make sure everything is progressing normally.

Cheers everyone x