Pregabalin: what's dose are people on?

I just started Pregabalin last night… only 25mg… but must say I feel a benefit already. Less pain in legs today and mood seems much lighter. I did however have the dreaded dry mouth this morning and my tinnitus seems even louder than usual (but maybe coincedence).

I’ve been told by neuro to increase 25mg a day until I’m happy with it… can go up to 600 mg.

Just wondered what dose other people are taking? And what side-effects? (unfortunately I do expect weight gain!!!)


Pat x

Hi Pat

I started taking pregabalin about 3 weeks ago, but my GP started me on a really low dose, so I would get used to it. I started on 50mg in the morning for a week and then increased it to 100mg (am and evening). I see him next week and will ask him if I can increase it to 150mg, as by mid afternoon, my symptoms come back quite bad. I think everyone is different. I do not have a dx at the moment, but had terrible face pain and so my neuro agreed that I could have some pain relief. Pregabalin really works for me, although I do feel a bit lightheaded after a couple of hours, but then I am ok. I just don’t drive when I feel like this. I haven’t had the urge to eat more, which is great and I don’t have any other side effects. It could be that I am on a low dose and so my body is coping at the mo, but I will wait to see.

I hope it works for you.

Ness xx

Hi Ness, thanks for your response. Yes I think it’s good to increase slowly. I took 50mg last night and must say that I feel fine this morning. I used to take Gabapentin and felt like complete zombie in mornings… but this feels very different.

Do you notice a difference in your mood? I know part of it (or all of it) must be because not in pain… but I see it is also prescribed for anxiety disorder. I do feel calmer than usual and would be nice if it was a welcome side-effect.

Really hoping it doesn’t increase my appitite which I have to admit is big anyway!

Take care and thanks,

Pat x

HI Pat

I take 100mg morning and night. I feel like an up in the dose would benefit me, but any more than that and the side effects outway the positive effects, so I stick at 100, and even though its not perfect - I know that my symptoms are a lot better!!


I hadn’t thought about that Pat to be honest, but I think you are right! My mood and anxiety has got a lot better since taking it. That is a good side effect!!! I had become a complete nightmare and I don’t think I have even shouted at my husband lately. He probably thinks there’s something wrong with me !!!

All the best

Ness x

Hi Pat,

I’ve just gone up to 150mg it’s taken me months to do this. I started on 25mg 3 times a day and increased the tablets one a time and left it at least a week before I did it. I started on Amitryptalin but fell and knocked myself out after a few days, went onto Pregabalin but very unsteady so onto Gabapentin but I wanted to die and argued non stop with hubby so back to Pregabalin mood is much better but still unsteady just hope it settles if not what comes next? I dream of walking without falling over


Thanks for lovely and helpful responses. Neuro said 150 mg but will go up slowly and might stop at lower dose. I seem to be very sensitive to drugs and even an aspirin can knock me out.

At moment I have to say I feel wonderful. No pain and feeling really really happy.

Either I’ve finally lost the plot or Pregabalin has good effect on me .

Pat x

Hi, I started on Pregabalin at 150mgs am & pm (still on that dose), and although I had side effects of feeling spaced out was told to persevere. I was actually prescribed them for mental health issues rather than MS, must admit I didn’t really attribute them to any difference in my mood but the tingling in my spine when I bent over seemed to decrease. I guess meds and symptoms must affect us all differently.

Hope it continues helping you and making you feel good… Take care xx

Thanks for replies. The first few days were great but I had 3 fatigue meltdowns yesterday (unable to move, speak or anything) so am a bit concerned. Also had a sensation of ‘fluttering’ inside of me and was scared it was my heart… but that has stopped now (haven’t had it since yesterday).

Am now on 100 mg a day and think I will stop at 150.

Pat x

Hi pat,

Im on 6oomg pregabalin at the moment and have found it to be very good apart from the weight gain. Which is one of the side effects that is listed with that medication. I have been on it for nearly eighteen months now, and i started on the lowest dose, which left me feeling really dizzy and i felt as though i was drunk!! wishfull thinking, haha. Im now hopefully going to be changed to another tablet, i think they are going to try garbapenten, i think thats how its spelt, to see if it works as well as pregabalin but without weight gain. im hoping it does as i dont want to go back to having all that pain again.

Hope you continue to feel better.

Sharon X

Hi Sharon, I was on Gabapentin and I hate to tell you this but one of the side effects is weight gain. I put on a stone and that was with being careful what I ate.

I also found that I felt very dozy on Gabapentin. What I like about Pregabalin is I feel more alert.

Sorry to give you bad news. Worth trying Gabapentin to see if you feel any better on it. Unfortunately all these drugs seem to have side effects.

Thanks for your response,

Pat x

Hi Pat

I take 600 - 900 and also 20 mg amitript. Was told to put up 50% higher than top dose to see if it works. Nothing seems to for me painwise but of course am terrified of coming off it/them just in case they are working slightly.

I dont know if any of the drugs I take or have taken have made me put weight on but probably have since I used to weigh about 7 half stone. BUt of course that may be because I eat too much cake.

I am really pleased that it is having a good effect on such a low dose.

See you at end of month and we can pig out on cake with the great Xmas excuse!

Susi x

300 mg morning and night for neuropathic pain. They help just a bit. Luckily, no side effects. Good luck with it- we have to keep trying till we get something that works for each of us. We all react differently. Roger.

Hi. I started pregabalin 450 mg18 months ago for lower back pain, I also have Botox and steroid injections. My pain is becoming worse, I am also on OxyContin and oxynorm. I haven’t had many side effects apart from the obvious to be expected from these heavy duty meds! Unfortunately as I am now suffering from sciatica so awaiting an MRI! Easy isn’t it to put everything down to MS? Well hopefully this may show a cause and give me some answers. Pregabalin does help but for me it is short acting, weight gain not an issue that’s more to do with the snacking and mobility issues. Good luck, all the best Alex