pre op today

hi eveyone,

looking for a bit of advice, i am going for a pre op assesment today as im supposed to be getting my gallbladder removed soon, after seeing the nuero last week and her saying about ms and possability of a small stroke im scared to go ahead with the op incase either im not strong enough to cope with it, or that the pain isnt related to gallbladder but ms instead…i dont know if i should ask for it to be held back until after my mri?? its taken me a long time to get the go ahead for the op, because i have had previos surgreries and they think theres a high chance of it being an open operation.

im in a mess and dont know where to turn, my husband is offshore and im scared beiong alone with my babies incase something happens…im so tired and cant stop crying. i sort of feel as if i have to many symptoms of ms for it to be that, if that makes sense i have been desperate for someone to aknowldedge somethings wrong with me and now im terrified

i feel the numness in my left side is getting worse, pins and needles are getting worse, the lsit goes on.

the last year has been hell and ive just about managed to get through but im feeling now theres no way out for me, i cant think clearly at all cos im so tired and worried

lisa xxx

Assuming that they have done tests to confirm that your gallbladder needs removed, MS isn’t a reason not to go ahead with it - there’s nothing I know of to stop people with MS from having operations. If you haven’t had any tests or the tests were inconclusive or clear, then I’d certainly want a second opinion if I were you. Hopefully whoever does the pre-op assessment will be able to reassure you. Karen x

MS as such is not a reason not to have surgery.
I had a hernia/pelvic floor repair done about 3 years back, and my age was more of a problem than the MS. They kept me in overnight as a precaution.
The pre-op assessment is most likely to to see if you are OK for laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery which is now the preferred way of doing it, and that really means if you have too much fat round the waistline.
If this is at an NHS Treatment Centre, they are usually excellent, and will think in terms of a one-day, or an overnight job, but they really do not like taking any sort of risk at all (and their idea of risk is not what an NHS surgeon would consider as risky).
One of these private company NHS Treatment Centres declined to do a job on my wife right at the end of “assessment”, and the nearest District Hospital said “No problem at all” and did the job without any fuss.
That tells you something when “Risk Assessment” is a commercial decision.

Don’t worry about “open” surgery. Qiute often the real idea is to start laparoscopic, and switch to open if there is a problem (any sort of problem at all).
Take the attitude that if you are unconcious, then you really do not know what is happening, and when you wake up then you know it is all OK.

So, do not worry.


thanks for your replies,

at the pre op the nurse spoke to an anethisist who agreed with her that there unlikely to operate on my gallbladder till they find out whats going on, which i guess is understandable

i ended up being sent to a and e becuase they were concerned about my shaking, evrything was fine but the doctor looked at my blood results the nuero had done on friday and said my infection level was up and my immuineglobbin a (sorry about spelling) so she was contacting the nuero to see if they could see me earlier than the 4 weeks., i dont know if it means anything as both have been before when gp done bloods.

all the waiting i terrible, ur mind goes into panic thinking of all the worst case senarios!

fun fun fun xxx

Hi hun. I can see why you feel in such a panic…being on your own with young kiddies, while hubby is working away, must feel terribly isolating.

have you got family or friends near, who could helpout with the children? You need a rest and maybe you`ll be able to tackle things better once you have rested.

Fingers crossed for you.

luv Pollx