PPMS Thumbs up

Attended my 6 month neurologist appointment & given the thumbs up for my PPMS process trials.

The ACV, D3, B12, Omega 3 oils & improved diet is doing okay.

Heard a story of how someone disabled completed a triathlon & won the able bodied competition, when they were apparently unable to walk. The person even advertised their success on Facebook. I was drooling with laughter.

I was surprised I found a disabled parking spot & arrived for my appointment, unaided & alone. I didn’t get a medal.

I’ll probably get hounded, why I get PiP though. It seems to be an excuse for everyone these days. Some people with blue badges, are usually in the pub or shopping at B&Q for someone who is disabled though. While the person with the disability doesn’t see day light. They care that much.

Oops mustn’t rant. It’s rude to point out the obvious scroungers who target the disabled & their finances.

Black foot Terry.

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I agree Scudger, but it’s usually someone on steroids & with an attitude problem. They are gods!

It’s crazy. My hubby uses the car to shop (for us) and and he parks in a regular space or to take me places like hospital or visiting family/friends and that’s when we’ll use the badge if necessary.

I’m giving up the car in a couple of months and we’ll use taxis as Rob walks to work, it wa the main reason he too the job so he’d be close by if I needed help.

It is so annoying that so many people take the p**s as it makes it so much harder for those that really need help in terms of PIP or blue badge.

Sonia x

Puddle are you trying to make those off us who have a need for blue badge pip etc feel guilty ,gor getting help.

Iff you have been awarded help to live as near normal a life As possible don’t feel guilty,

But get on with life .

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I’m getting on with my PPMS life as best I can. It’s those who don’t get PiP, who accuse me of being the lazy scrounger. I used to do more in a day, than those idiots do in a month. Being disabled sucks. People in dire straits, obviously know who I am. Since diagnosis & losing my job. They have turned into vultures. Stealing anything & claiming anything to live their lie. Knowing someone as a trusted friend for 30+ years means nothing. Look after yourself is the motto & all I’ve done is look after others. No more! I’ll point things out & that’s it. I look after me, because I’m selfish apparently. A so called friend has blown 80k. Another 60k. And another 70k. They make me sick!!! My own family has no sense, with money. It’s the ultimate desease of stupidity & squander. Keeping up with the Jones’s mob. I’ll keep pottering about in my little Micra.

Hi puddle it’s all you can do is do your best I try not to worry much what others are doing as long as they are not doing it to me or mine .how are you getting on with the apple cider vinegar , I find I am much less bloated .

The ACV is great. I’ve even brought some in a bottle to marinade steaks, with a chilly sauce. Feeding the immune system some good ingredients. I hate getting caught up in the money hungry part of life. Eating healthier, exercise & tinkering away on my sound equipment is where it’s at. I tried walking around town yesturday & kept falling. That part, I do not like. It’s frustrating being unable to do the normal things, that people take for granted. Walking & not living on a merry go round.

You are so right