PPMS or Parkinsons?

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Not sure if this thread has been done before, but does anyone know about the criteria of being diagnosed with one over the other, if there is contention.

A friend of a friend (only a few years older than me) recently got diagnosed with Parkinsons, and his symptoms mirror mine exactly. So I looked on the Parkinsons 10 early warning signs, and I tick 8 out of the 10. Can you have ‘both’?

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Sorry I dont know what the criteria is, but my sister in law has parkinsons, her mobility is badly affected, speech, falling and tremor.

I know it was dx after she had an MRI but havent a clue how they came to their decision, but I expect someone on here may know.

My answer doesnt really tell you anything you did not already know, sorry.

Pam x

Hi CP, My Grandma had Parkinson’s and her symptoms were very different to mine…other than the shaking. As we are all so different though that’s not a great deal of help to you is it, sorry! You know what they say about reading stuff on the internet! Don’t torture yourself…if it’s really worrying you why don’t you ask to see your neuro because worrying is just going to make everything worse for you. Sorry I can’t help with the dx criteria, hope someone else will come along soon that knows more than me. You have a good weekend too, Nina x

Hi CP, I don’t think you get a positive LP test result with Parkinsons. Yes avoid Dr. Google… you know what and unreliable doctor he is!!! Have a good weekend, Pat xx

Clucker, if my memory was right you got a negative LP for MS, yet you still got the PPMS diagnosis. There are more treatments for parkinsons than for PPMS. It would be dreadful if you had the wrong diagnosis - maybe a second opinion would be a good idea. There are more errors with the PPMS diagnosis than for the RRMS diagnosis.

Next week I see my third neuro in 3 years. I just hope I dont get another theory to add to my already long list! I have looked at the Parkinson symptoms and I dont match them.

Moyna xxx

I sure hope you cant have both CP…that would be a cruel double whammy!

How long have had yor PPMS dx?


Hi Clucker Pigeon! I replied to you originally on your other thread. Just in case you haven’t seen it, it’s here:-

Whilst for some of us there may be some similarities in Parkinsons and MS symptoms, there would be no mistaking the brain’s appearance on an MRI scan of an MS patient.

Multiple Sclerosis has a very typical distribution of WMLs (white matter lesions) on MRI scan, of which there is no mistaking. Conversely, both MRI and CAT scans of a Parkinson brain will appear normal. This is because the neurodegenerative changes are microscopic and not detectable on scan.

I agree with DrGeoff that a patient’s rapid response to a neurotransmitter drug is a very reliable diagnostic tool for Parkinsons.

I’ve not read anywhere of someone so unfortunate that they have succumbed to both MS and Parkinsons.

Surely not?

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This maybe totally irrelevant but, my tremor is apparent when I am trying to pick anything up, whereas my sil who has parkinsons has tremor when resting and not moving.

So whilst we both have a noticeable tremor, it happens for opposite reasons.

Not sure if this is what others find, justmy experience.

Pam x

Hello cp,

I have a condition called C.M.T. I have had this neuro disease most of my life as did my dad. I allso have MS. My diagnosis was done by a neurologist. It was not diagnosed by doctor google. Talk to you MS nurse. Thats what they are there for. We are all human and get worrying thoughts. I understand where you are comming from. Writing your thoughts down like you have can help. There are some of the most wonderfull people here to talk too. With that i must go. The dogs just brought something in.

Jane. x