posture is everything


i’ve been sat with the laptop on the table and i’m on a dining chair.

my right foot has gone so numb that it doesnt feel like part of my body.

my own fault because i had my feet tucked back under the chair.

and i’ve been good all day, carefully avoiding crossing my legs!

i’m promising now that i will never sit like that again.

carole x

Hi Carole,you’ve raised a good point.I had an MR Venogram done in Frankfurt three and a half years ago and amongst other things it showed a significant amount of plaque on my Brain Stem.I have a slight suspicion that it is worsening.Enough waffling.What I’m sat on and the way I sit has an effect on the constant neuropathetic pain in my feet.I’m assuming that this has some kind of effect on the brain stem and this in turn alters my perception of the pain.

I might have got the mechanism wrong,but the effects are what they are.All I can suggest Carole is do what you say and try different positions…That sounds odd,but you know what I mean,

Wb x

thanks wb.

i do know the correct positions!!!

not talking kama sutra either

carole x

l stand at the lap-top - in fact l rarely sit down. Whilst standing here l do stretching exercises for my calf/thigh muscles - and l ‘lean’ onto the worktop. lf l sit down for more than a few minutes l just ‘lock’. And find it so hard to get going. l do need to hold onto my rollator to get about - can’t walk without the support. So l do avoid going to the cinema - as l would be ‘hissed’ at if l kept standing up and stretching. Going out for a meal is a problem - when its time to go l think l have stood up - but my lower body is still sat down. lt takes a while for the messages to reach my back and legs. l don’t drink alcohol - l like it - but it does not like me - and l am always the designated driver. But l will be the one who looks the worse for booze when l get up to go.

l like different positions Wb - the odder the better!!!