Post Count

As you all know the post count facility doesn’t work***** :cry: … hardly the end of the world :smiley: Well if you want to know how many posts you have made Click on your user name on any post you have made This takes you into Viewing profile…’ your username’ To the right it says Total posts: 0 | Search user’s posts (0.00% of all posts / 0.00 posts per day) Click on search user’s post and it takes you to a list of all the posts at the top of the list it says Search found 50 matches, 50 is the number of posts… Volia! I KNOW i’M SAD, i’LL HAVE TO FIND A HOBBY Verona P.S. ****Bob Barbour’s post count does work… que Twilight Zone music :lol: :lol: :lol: