A hopeless system for searching past posts

Hate being negative but cant help wondering how much testing and consultation with users occured before fashioning the new arrangement for scanning back to look through one’s past posts. Surely a user requirement for changing the system should be that it is better, faster and more efficient to use. As I remember, previously there was a logical separation of listings into two columns; one listing the users own threads, the other list being others the user had contributed to. This simple split at a stroke greatly reduced the amount of searching needed to find a past post, so why has it gone?. Also, now there is a maximum of three posted topics listed per screen and each subsequent screen takes some seconds to load and check, so if there are many posts to check, this is a very very tedious process (as opposed to being presented with say ten post topics at a time to check - more like it was before and very much quicker to check through! Dare I say, it is now not ‘fit for purpose’ though It may look neater, tighter and prettier on the page,but hardly the key requirement, Can it be improved please?. It is probably much easier just to Google for past posts than use this system, though that was probably still true before.

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Hi Polar Bear, I gave up on the search facility a long time ago as I found it very poor at retrieving posts, as so many terms and references in posts do not seem to get indexed or linked to it (may be it is limited to post titles). Maybe it has been improved since then.