Possibly PPMS - 8 months of symptoms

First time post.

Symptoms started early on this year.

All my nerves under my skin from shoulder down are gone. I can feel a scratch but if push down, can’t feel pressure points. Symptoms start in January and within 4 weeks, left side initially and moved to right.

The symptoms come and go but fatigue is an issue, pain in knee caps and under and bladder retention.

Three doses of steroids in may and minimal change. Ocrevus in July/august and here I am still not 100%.

My doctor is of the view it’s possibility PPMS but specialist diagnosed it as RRMS based on MRIs and lumber puncture. 1cm spinal lesion at c4-5 plus 4 in brain.

The thing is, some symptoms I feel have remitted such as breathing issues but fatigue, gait and the above is still present.

If I leave the house and do minor activities, I find myself in bed for the rest of the day.

Has anyone had similar experience RRMS or PPMS.

I could wake up feeling great and 15 minutes later, it’s a different story.