Popping ears!

My ears are popping a lot at the moment. This happened to me in my first ever relapse. Just wondering if this is common for msers?

Hi Eski,

I get this sometimes.

There’s a tiny muscle in the ear, that can go into spasm, just like any of our other muscles.

I believe that’s what’s happening.

I don’t find it’s the same “popping” as, e.g, on an aircraft, or if I have a stuffy cold. It’s more like an annoying flutter.

Does this sound like what you mean?


HI, thanks Tina

Yes definitely an annoying flutter rather than full on popping. I think mine gets worse in the heat and is possibly aggravation of scarred areas.

Hi, I get this pop pop pop in my ear just a few times every now and then.

Don’t know if it’s a symptom or not. Try yawning - like you do on aircraft.

Jen x