poetry for expression

They try to supress you,


Jul 18, 2011


They put red tape over lifes speaker.

All that is real is now lost.

They try to supress you,

Replace all you are with lies.

They want to make you all one being.

They fear the rise of a greater power.

They fear freedom and individuality fore it is the birthplace for rebellion.

The brainchild of longevity.

They hollow out your mind,

Make you numb inside.

So raise your voice,

Burn the tape.

Life is calling,

Shout out in reply!

Too many Good people in this world are silenced.


Just a programme I watched, that got me thinking


that is highly appropriate in light of wobblyboy’s farewell.

trying to suppress our smiles

i’m getting really cheesed off now.

love you happy ones though xxx