My Latest poem

From nowhere to oblivion
And living what’s between
With nature’s grace allowed to walk
On mysterious paths
To learn from what’s been seen

Ignoring that gift far too long
Was blind to its wonder
Content to waste what was given
Watched the clock not the time
Till all pulled asunder

When misfortune threatens to steal
All beauty from that life
Choose the choices to be taken
Care for that selection
When lessening the strife

Countless were all the elements
Gathered in just one place
So unique was that creation
Insult that endowment
When despair shows its face

How difficult is the resolve
when fate has come to call
Must moult away that which impairs
The awe in existence
To even live at all

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thanks steve

i never fail to admire the sky.

now i’m no longer working and have the time to gaze upwards.

wonderful as long as i don’t walk into a lamp post!