Hi everyone

I am starting a new treatment tomorrow Plegridy

So i maybe asking some advice from you all regarding side effects if I have any!

Positivity is the key I’m told so I’m not going to have any ! So that’s that!

In case anyone doesn’t know it’s a once a fortnight injection under the skin and is done with a auto injection pen.

I shall be taking paracetamol beforehand to ward off any flu like symptoms (in case they appear)

Should I take 1 or 2 ?

Thanks for reading


Hi just an update really Had a nurse come out yesterday to oversee my jab , I was surprised that I didn’t even feel the needle and I didn’t bleed either . 8 hours later I did notice some side effects creeping in felt a bit goosey and achy so took some paracetamol which sorted that out! So all in all no real problems. Today I expected at least a bruise but to date nothing. So if anyone is thinking of a injectable for treatment I would say don’t worry about injection pain as their wasn’t any for me !