Hi all, I did my first Plegridy jab this morning after a restless night worrying about what to expect . I needn’t have worried, the nurse who came out to ‘train’ me was great and the jab itself was simple, so anybody out there who’s facing the same thing try not to worry, i never in a million years thought i could inject myself but it was so simple . ​ xx


so glad you found it simple, have you had any side effects yet such as the flu-like symptoms they warn you about? I’ve been lucky and have had none, so hope you are too.

Look out for the injection site reaction in a couple of days, mine are big red circles about 2-3 inches across. (No pain or itchyness though).


Hi Ang

Thanks, no side effects yet. I was just so relieved that it wasn’t as dramatic as i imagined. I do over think things ​. The nurse who came out to me was lovely, he was so down to earth and funny and that helps a lot Its such unknown territory isn’t it and a little bit of a lonely place at times. xx

I have been injecting Plegridy for about 5 months now, get flu like symptoms every time. You guys are fortunate!

I do feel fortunate, but it was my first jab so will probably be a case of speaking too soon and ill be back on again complaining ​lol. I was over thinking it and was expecting far worse. Hope it gets better for you x