Please help me choose.

Yesterday I had my first neurology appointment after been diagnosed in October and after relapsing twice in 4 weeks I am now eligable for the disease modifying drugs. There were 4 different ones offered to me but I’m just lost! I was told I would receive information on them all but I ought I would come to you experienced wonderful people to offer me some advice. I have been offered - Avonex Betaseron Rebif Copaxone. Now I am naturally swayed to the Copaxone as it has no side effects apart from redness at the injection site. But the injection pen puts me off. But I also like the look of the Rebif auto injector. Side effects are something I really don’t want,I always seem to suffer with side effects and having a toddler with cerebral palsy the last thing I want is to be feeling ill. I also don’t fancy injecting into my muscle so I think that rules atleast one of them out. Injecting everyday doesn’t bother me. If anyone can offer me any input I would be most greatfull. Amy x

Thanks for your reply. A link to the page with the pros and cons on would be fab if anyone can help

Hi Amy See my reply to more reasons for my view on rebif. Hugs Min xx

Hopefully this link will work this is another useful website. Good luck


I use Avonex for rrms. Its intramuscular (dont be put off - I dont find this painful at all) and I have never had side effects. I have also stopped relapsing on Avonex. It is little more than a minor inconvinence in my life.

I found the ms decisions website the best soure of information. Good luck with your choice


Hi Amy,
I can only speak for Copaxone, but I believe that it has kept me free from relapses for nearly two years.

I opted for it, because I figured that a daily injection would be easier to build into a daily routine. The lower side effects were a close second. No problems with the Autoinject (I hate needles so I would not try manually), and the injection site marks faded away to no marks at all after a few months. The support is very good as well.

The downside is that to access certain second-line medication you do need to have been on an Interferon first.

Just remember that we are all different and no-one can predict what will cause a reaction for any of us.


My son was diagnosed with MS five or 6 years ago but has only recently started with the DMD, Avonex. He has relapsing remitting MS and has had frequent relapses. However, he does not appear to have had any side effects so so far, so good. Hope this helps. Try not to worry. Stay positive. It really does help.

I wasn’t given a choice because of my depression I wasn’t allowed rebif or avonex so we went for copaxone. Didn’t use the auto injector as it was really fiddly and the only side effects I had was irregular periods. I’m off it at the moment as I’m pregnant but will got straight back on it once baby is born xx

Hi Amy I started for the first 5 years on rebif, but due to regular relapses every 6-9 months and bad reaction after 5 years I swapped to copaxone. That was 5 years ago and only 2 relapses in 5 years and no side effects with injections on copaxone. I use the auto injector with no issues as I’m a wuss and going back in time 10 years I would have started on copaxone back then. All the best Neil

Agree. I was on Avonex for many years. I think the big hurdle for a person to get over is sticking a needle in him/herself at all. That’s the big deal - intra-muscular or sub-cut is a not such a big deal. Worth pointing out too that Avonex has no site reactions, which does not sound like a bit deal either, but some people do find site reactions a real nuisance. I think (think, not know - others might correct me) that site reactions can be particularly troublesome for a skinny person, so that might be something to think about if you are slight in build.

Good luck with your choice.


(The reason I chose Avonex was that Avonex was what was offered!)

Hello, I feel for you, I got myself in a dither trying to choose and I received great support from members :slight_smile: I finally chose Avonex and I am pleased after 7 months. One of the main reasons was my son as I was worried about the site reactions, I didn’t want to frighten him (he is 8). You don’t see the needle going in as you get an injection pen, being once a week it has been easier to remember! Good luck with your decision. Sam x

I’ve been on rebif for 3 months but have become quite depressed and anxious so I’m probably switching to copaxone (seeing neuro tomorrow). A bit fed up about it cause I’ve found rebif a dream apart from that! The rebismart is dead easy to use and I had no other side effects

Hi amy, avonex for me no relapses since i started 2 yrs ago (touch wood) and only inject once a week without pain!! only mild flu symptoms from the first few jabs. works for me. gd luck on your choise.

Hi Amy, i too use Avonex, once a week, no pain either !! ( as tc stated) and no site redness or bumps.

Had mild flu symptoms for a couple of hours which fade away after 2-3 weeks. Im not

depressed, been on it a few months, no relapses either. Good luck with your decision!

kitty xx.

Thank you all so much! Seems Avonex is a popular choice. I will check the links out now,thank you. I suffer from anxiety and depression and take anti depressants,should this sway my decision as the neuro never mentioned anything to me. I am awaiting some DVDs from my ms nurse which should hopefully help cement my decision. I really do appreciate all your input. I have to admit I am pretty scared of the prospect of having to inject myself,I my husband has a needle phobia too so he also has fears to overcome. Thanks again.