please help - Catheter and bath/shower

Hi all,

My hubby has now been given an indwelling catheter and leg bag…How do you manage the bath or shower ang getting the leg straps wet…

Tips please :slight_smile:




You will get spare leg straps with the bags - so don’t worry. ls hubby home now - or is he still in hospital?

The district nurses will help you at home.

Hi Campion,

Yes hubby is now home and we have seen the district nurse once and I knew more about the catheters by looking at the internet than she did…

I am using new straps daily and drying the first ones gets a bit of a chore so wondered if there was another way…




When I had an indwelling cath and bag I just took the leg straps off and plonked the bag on the shower chair beside me while I was in the shower. That way the straps didn’t get wet. They take a ridiculously long time to dry, don’t they?

I changed the leg straps about once every 3 days and chucked the old ones in the wash and hung them on the line to dry or put them on the clothes horse if the weather was yuck.

Hope this helps,


Hi when I had an in-dwelling catheter and bag, I took the bag off and opened the flip flow valve whilst I showered. I felt it was a way to clean the vlave, as well as myself.

luv Pollx