Please help as I am struggling to cope

Hi Everyone, I’m sorry in advance for my moaning! As of yet I am undiagnosed and it’s driving me crazy. Im off work sick at the moment as since I had my Lumbar Puncture just over three weeks ago I am still feeling to unwell. Because of being stuck in the house its caused my depression to rear its ugly head so my hubby said we should try and go out for the afternoon as it may lift my spirits. We were only walking for about five minutes when my legs started to feel really weak, both feet had buzzing sensation, shakey (been feeling shakey all day) feel light headed/off balance and aching muscles in arms, I also feel like I cannot focus properly, I can see but its like its not registering (does this sound familiar to any of you)? I just find the symptoms (of which there are more but do not all happen at the same time) difficult to deal with. How do all you lovely people cope with this? I suppose not just physically and mentally but working as well I am struggling. I am also afraid I will lose my job through ill health and just dont know what to do. Sorry for the long ramble! Lisa x

Have you seen your GP about the LP causing problems? This really should be investigated. Dealing with symptoms is a personal thing - we all do things differently. For me, the first thing is to get the right meds - it makes a huge difference if pain and sensory stuff is under control. Rest, asking for and accepting help and distraction all help too, but time and experience make the real difference. My legs buzz, burn, freeze and hurt 24/7, but I can live with it now because pregabalin takes away most of it and I’m used to the rest - it’s just what my legs feel like. So, although it’s probably not much comfort right now, if you get on the right meds, you’ll learn to cope with the rest; just give yourself time. Please see your GP about the LP and to talk about your mood: maybe counselling and/or an antidepressant would help. Karen x

Hi Karen, Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. I struggled with severe pain in head and neck after LP for a good 9 days but thankfully that has cleared. I donk know whether the reason I feel so poorly now is because the LP has maybe caused a relapse? Is that possible do you know? The last time I saw my neuro he said they would not prescribe me any medication (im assuming because i havent been diagnosed yet). I havent got an appointment to see neuro again until middle of may, im assuming he will advise me of LP results then. Are they allowed to give me results over the phone? Thanks again Karen. Lisa x