Pityriasis Rosea


does anybody get a flair of the above virus during a relapse please?


Hi Poppy,

I had Pityriasis Rosea just before I was formally diagnosed; it was very unpleasant to look at, but other than that it didn’t cause me any difficulty, and it hasn’t been back since. As far as I recall, my dermatologist at the time didn’t think it was caused by a viral infection , and its not contagious. I am sorry I cant be of much help to you other than this. Perhaps you should see your GP to make sure that it isn’t eczema, or psoriasis or another type of pityriasis, just to reassure yourself.

M x

Thanks for your reply, this virus is so itchy it drives me potty at times. Had it along with a flair since December. After doing a bit of research on this virus recently you can see a lot of studies showing it maybe a trigger for MS, so I was interested to hear if others are getting it along side MS.