PIP success!

Finally, after a nine and a half month battle, I have been awarded PIP! Very angry at the stress involved and how badly the whole thing has been handled, but extremely relieved that its over at last. Kaz xxx

Brilliant news x

Kaz-x- Soooooo bloomin sorry you have had a painstaking 9 month wait, take time for yourself to have a breather xx

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Taking hubby out for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate. Kaz xx

Thats ace!!


Brilliant news!!! I’m still on their waiting list!! Hee hee!! X

Congrats Kaz, I had my decision yesterday after 7 1/2 months, slept so well last night, so much stress

enjoy your meal xx

Excellent news Kaz!! What relief for you and your husband…enjoy your celebration meal :slight_smile: X



Hi could anyone give me any advice please. I applied for pip in January and have still not heard nothing I haven’t even had my face to face meeting, I’ve called 3 times and just get told I’m on the waiting list but will be needing a face to face meeting. Just wondered how long other people were waiting. X

hi jabby

I know there is huge backlogs so I’ve seen people waiting up to nearly a year! Crazy I know! You could call the assessment centre who will be doing your face to face and see if they have any cancellations appointments. My friend was waiting about 40 weeks for a face to face and only got seen quicker as she got a cancellation appointment for the day after she called the centre so it’s worth a try.

Polly x

Hi Jabby I was at just over the 7 month mark waiting for an assessment, would either be told nothing or lied to when I called ATOS. At that point I thought well this is enough, so I emailed my MP. He got involved, and within 4 days I had my assessment appointment arranged. I also had a letter from my MP saying any further problems or delays, to contact him again. I had my assessment on 9th July (originally applied 13th November last year) - I will be calling DWP soon, and if I feel I’m being messed about or delayed, I shall not hesitate to contact my MP again. Well worth it, I assure you! Good Luck FB x

Hi thank you very much for the replies,it had crossed my mind to contact my MP as I’m fed up with this waiting and not knowing anything I have read on the forum of people contacting their MP didn’t realise it could be sorted so quick. Thank you for your help and best wishes with your outcome missylala x