PIP - second time around...

2 years since I first applied - and got - PIP.

Now got to reapply. Seems easier because they are asking for updates rather than starting again. One good thing about MS is that with a steady decline (PPMS), I’ve got plenty to tell them!

So why am I nervous? Should be a doddle with my basket of issues but so many folks have had their applications rejected, anything is possible…

Hi, I went through the same process as you are going through. It was much easier. They renewed for a little longer. Like you say it isn’t getting better!!

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I had to do a renewal last year and was nervous too! Use the Benefits and Work website for renewals, it’s actually less complicated than the first time around. I asked my neuro and MS Nurse to issue up dated evidence which they did and I was given it for longer this time.

Best of luck!

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